Social Equity Licensing

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Social Equity Licensing

In a sector as complex and regulated as cannabis, Social Equity Applicants face unique challenges that extend beyond the usual entrepreneurial hurdles. At QCI Solutions, we are committed to leveling the playing field with our Social Equity Empowerment Services, designed to transform visionaries into successful cannabis business owners.

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What We Offer

Holistic Support

From ideation and business plan development to securing real estate and funding, we offer a suite of services that include Investor & Fundraising Readiness, Financial Strategy & Advisory, Strategic Leadership & Guidance, and Compliance Regulatory Support.

Financial Strategy

Our financial experts will work closely with you to optimize expenses, enhance revenue, and secure funding, setting the stage for long-term financial stability.

Strategic Leadership

Benefit from our expertise in deal structuring, stakeholder engagement, and market penetration strategies tailored to the unique needs and challenges of social equity applicants.

Application & Licensing

We'll guide you through the intricate process of applying for cannabis licenses, ensuring that your applications are compliant, compelling, and most importantly, successful.

Licensing Documentation

Our team will formulate your business, operational, and social equity strategies, compose compelling narratives, fill out required documentation, and generate necessary attachments & exhibits.

Application Submission

We present the complete application in accordance with the regulatory agency's guidelines before the submission deadline.

With QCI Solutions, your cannabis future is green. To find out more about QCI’s Social Equity Licensing Services, contact us below.


Benjamin is one of the most experienced and adept cannabis professionals I have had the pleasure working with. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience and is a true cannabis compliance and regulations expert. In my experience working with him, Benjamin has worked with many companies up and down the supply chain, as well as with the Department of Cannabis Control, to elucidated unclear regulations and situations. I have the utmost confidence in his capabilities as a professional and leader in this industry at large, but especially if ensuring your business is fully compliant within state regulatory requirements. Benjamin is direct and efficient and holds himself to a high standard. He will not cut corners or sugar coat anything needed to be said or done. Integrity is one of the first words I would associate with him. He is very considerate and a true joy to work with!

VP of Marketing & Brand Partnerships

Benjamin is a diligent, creative, and highly informed cannabis compliance expert with experience working with leading companies at every stage of the supply chain. He also has a legitimate passion for the product itself and a deep understanding of the social and economic implications of cannabis policy. Coupled with a background in finance and business development as well as a world class network Benjamin is an excellent choice for consultation and industry guidance for operators of all sizes and locals.

Managing Partner at Chronic Culture

I had the professional good fortune to work with Benjamin Warner as he served in a Director of Compliance role at HERBL Solutions. With his quiet and confident demeanor, he provided compliance recommendations to his peers and to our leadership team. He consistently met inspections by implementing solid SOPs that were guided by his education, body of knowledge, and his commitment to legal cannabis.Having Benjamin on your team will set your company apart from the competition and will give you a leading edge on compliance.The cannabis industry needs professionals like Benjamin and I recommend him without hesitation.

Human Resources Business Partner

I am privileged to have worked alongside Benjamin for over three years during our time together at HERBL. Benjamin has many amazing attributes: he is a subject-matter expert on all things related to cannabis and the cannabis market, having immersed himself in truly learning and understanding this highly-regulated and complex industry; he is a wise and thoughtful manager and leader, not just with his direct reports but with his peers and the company at large, intuitively applying transparency and authenticity into every interaction; he is self-motivated and is always looking for ways to improve existing skills and acquire new learnings that can be applied to further business goals; he is very accessible and takes the time to make sure he understands business goals and that the business in turn understands how best to operationalize regulatory requirements; he is extremely creative and business-oriented, ensuring that the company operates effectively and efficiently within the relevant regulatory frameworks; and he has the utmost integrity and professional demeanor and is able to quickly establish credibility and trust with people both internal and external to the company. In short, Benjamin brings immediate value to any business. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

General Counsel & Chief Legal Officer at HERBL Solutions

We've both known Benjamin for several years and worked with him very closely for 2 of those years. Ben is a true expert at guiding businesses through the murky, complex, and sometimes unclear regulatory landscape. By ensuring we never had issues with compliance, Benjamin saved us 10s of thousands of bottom-line dollars in the years we worked with him. Just as importantly, having Benjamin's expertise on compliance allowed us to focus on the other aspects of our business like sales, marketing, and production.

Benjamin Mitchell & Carolina Vazquez Reyes Mitchell

Founders of Ciencia Labs (Dreamt, Quell, Luchador)

Why Choose Us?

Social Equity Focus

We understand the systemic barriers that Social Equity Applicants face and are committed to providing cost-effective packages to mitigate these challenges.

Long-Term Partnership

Our goal is to develop a sustainable relationship that goes beyond the initial setup, offering ongoing support for all aspects of your cannabis business.

Executive-Level Consultation

Receive guidance from a team that not only understands the cannabis sector but is also sensitive to the unique challenges faced by Social Equity Applicants.

Social Equity Licensing FAQs

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